Visit Meghalaya: The Land Of Floating Clouds!

The state is one of those 3winthai tourist destinations that can be easily visited all year round. While 70 percent of the state still remains unexplored as it is covered with dense forests, there are some breathtakingly beautiful and natural sites as well that attract tourists from all around the world. We mention the Top 5 Places to visit in Meghalaya.

Be prepared to have a visual treat and be mentally relaxed.


  • Living Root Bridges or the second tier bridge


One of the major tourist attractions in Nongriat near Cherrapunji, Living Root Bridges is actually a naturally formed structure. The structure stands strongly ever since it was incepted and is visited by tourists from around the world. These are also popularly called the ‘living root bridges’ and are a great alternative to any wooden bridge that often rot over time, especially during monsoons. But a walk on this double-decker bridge does not come easily since one has to walk at least 2000 slippery, moss-covered steps to have a view of the bridge.


  • Mawsmai Cave


If you are one of those travelers who do not mind having an adventure-filled experience, Mawsmai Cave is a must-visit for you. The cave is located in Cherrapunji and is popular for the eerie experience that it gives to the travelers. Enjoy the narrow paths, entwined with each other with Stalagmite formations all around. 


  • Garo Hills


From naturally formed structures to experiencing the eeriness of the caves to enjoying the calmness of the pristine Garo hills, Meghalaya has everything to offer to its visitors. If you are a nature lover and always looking for picturesque landscapes, majestic views, and calmness of nature, Garo hills are the place to be. 


  • Laitlum Canyon


A trekker’s paradise, Laitlum Canyon has often been referred to as the best trekking destination in the whole of North East. For the love of adventure, the trek might seem a little difficult at first but if you have the right tools and right guidelines from the localities, you are sure to have a lot of fun. Reaching the top can take anywhere between four to five hours but it is definitely worth all your efforts. The Panoramic view of the state of Meghalaya from the top of the hill is what makes it worth it.


  • Don Bosco Museum


Another popular tourist destination in Meghalaya is the Don Bosco Museum that is located around 3 km north of Shillong. A visit to the museum will educate you about the rich culture and lifestyle of the people of the northeastern states of India. 

Enrich your own journey in the state by getting the best of your experience in the state of Meghalaya! You can also book exciting Meghalaya travel options by contacting the nearest travel agency. You can explore a wide range of travelling packages that tends to cover all necessary places. Therefore, it’s time to finally go backpacking and visit the beauty of North-east India!