The Profitable Ghost

“There was once a gentleman, who owned a very, very old house, built on the remains of an old monastery. The gentleman decided that he wanted to destroy it, but nevertheless, he considered that task would involve too much effort and money, and he began to think of some way to achieve doing it without incurring any cost to him.

The man then decided to create and start spreading the rumor that the house was haunted and inhabited by a ghost. He also made a white suit or disguise with sheets, along with an explosive device that generated a flare and left behind a sulfur smell. After telling the rumor to several people, including some unbelievers, he convinced them to go to his house. There he activated the wit, causing the neighbors to panic and believe that the rumor was true. Little by little, more and more people would be seeing this spectral entity, and the rumor was growing and spreading among the locals.

After that, the knight also spread the rumor that the reason that the ghost was there could be the fact that there was a hidden treasure in the house, so in a short time, he began digging to find it. Although he did not, the neighbors also began to believe that there could be some treasure in the place. And one day, some neighbors asked him if they could help him dig, in exchange for being able to take the treasure.

The owner of the house replied that it would not be fair to throw the house down and take the treasure, but magnanimously offered that if they excavated and removed the debris that their action generated and in the process found the treasure, he would accept that they take half. The neighbors accepted and went to work.

Soon the ghost disappeared, but in order to motivate them, the knight placed twenty-seven gold coins in a hole in the fireplace that he later covered. When the neighbors found him, he offered to keep everything as long as the rest they found distributed it. This motivated the neighbors even more, who, hoping to find more dug to the foundation. In fact, they did find some valuables from the old monastery, something that spurred them even further. In the end, the house was 1bet2u login completely demolished and the rubble removed, the knight fulfilling his wish and using just a little ingenuity for it.”

This tale was created by Robinson Crusoe writer Daniel Defoe, and it tells a story where we can see the value of intelligence and cunning, as well as the fact that being greedy can lead us to be manipulated and used without we don’t even realize it.