The goal of FunnyinFiveHundred.com is simple. Write a funny short story or monologue in five hundred words or less. Submit your work on the submission page, and if accepted, we’ll help you get the word out about your story, books, website, social media, or whatever else you’re trying to tell the world. As the website builds, we hope the website will provide invaluable exposure to new writers looking to promote their books.

Meet the editor: David Gregory is a book worm who loves humor fiction. When he’s not pretending to know something about politics, David is wrestling with his next novel and begging literary magazines to read his humor fiction. David Gregory created FunnyInFiveHundred.com, reads, and edits all submissions, and you’ll notice that he writes a bit on here too. He also decided to draw shitty-ass cartoons on here, because shitty-ass cartoons make him laugh.