A Short Story For Adults, With Explanations

Probably most of those who read these lines remember the stories that their parents, siblings, uncles, teachers, friends, or legal guardians told them in their childhood. Among them, some classics are “The Three Little Pigs,” “Hansel and Gretel” or “Little Red Riding Hood,” for example. But although generally associated with the genre of stories with childhood, we can also find a wide variety of them that are more appropriate and/or understandable for adolescents, young people, and even adults.

The white butterfly

“There was once in Japan an old man whose name was Takahama, and who lived from his youth in a small house that he himself had built next to a cemetery, on top of a hill. He was a man loved and respected for his kindness and generosity, but the locals often wondered why he lived in solitude next to the cemetery and why he had never been married.

One day the old man became seriously ill, being close to his death, and his sister-in-law and his nephew came to take care of him in his last moments and assured him that they would be with him whatever he needed especially his nephew, who did not separate from the old man.

One day, when the bedroom window was open, a small white butterfly sneaked inside. The young man tried to scare her away several times, but the butterfly always returned inside, and finally, tired, he let her hover next to the old man.

After a long time, the butterfly left the room, and the young man, curious by its behavior and marveled by its beauty, followed it. The little being flew up to the graveyard that existed next to the house and made his way to a grave, around which it would hover until it disappeared. Although the tomb was very old, it was clean and well-kept, surrounded by fresh white flowers. After the butterfly disappeared, the young nephew returned to the house with his uncle, to discover that he had died.

The young man ran to tell his mother what had happened, including the strange behavior of the butterfly, at which the woman smiled and told the young man why the elderly Takahana had spent his life there.

In his youth, Takahana met and fell in love with a young woman named Akiko, whom he was to marry. However, a few days before the link, the young woman died. This plunged Takahama into sadness, from which he would recover. But nevertheless, he decided that he would never marry, and it was then when he built the house next to the cemetery in order to be able to visit and take care every day of his beloved’s grave.

The young man reflected and understood who the butterfly was and that now his uncle Takahama had finally reunited with his beloved Akiko.”

This beautiful story of Japanese origin tells us about love, specifically a love capable of transcending time and even death.

The Profitable Ghost

“There was once a gentleman, who owned a very, very old house, built on the remains of an old monastery. The gentleman decided that he wanted to destroy it, but nevertheless, he considered that task would involve too much effort and money, and he began to think of some way to achieve doing it without incurring any cost to him.

The man then decided to create and start spreading the rumor that the house was haunted and inhabited by a ghost. He also made a white suit or disguise with sheets, along with an explosive device that generated a flare and left behind a sulfur smell. After telling the rumor to several people, including some unbelievers, he convinced them to go to his house. There he activated the wit, causing the neighbors to panic and believe that the rumor was true. Little by little, more and more people would be seeing this spectral entity, and the rumor was growing and spreading among the locals.

After that, the knight also spread the rumor that the reason that the ghost was there could be the fact that there was a hidden treasure in the house, so in a short time, he began digging to find it. Although he did not, the neighbors also began to believe that there could be some treasure in the place. And one day, some neighbors asked him if they could help him dig, in exchange for being able to take the treasure.

The owner of the house replied that it would not be fair to throw the house down and take the treasure, but magnanimously offered that if they excavated and removed the debris that their action generated and in the process found the treasure, he would accept that they take half. The neighbors accepted and went to work.

Soon the ghost disappeared, but in order to motivate them, the knight placed twenty-seven gold coins in a hole in the fireplace that he later covered. When the neighbors found him, he offered to keep everything as long as the rest they found distributed it. This motivated the neighbors even more, who, hoping to find more dug to the foundation. In fact, they did find some valuables from the old monastery, something that spurred them even further. In the end, the house was 1bet2u login completely demolished and the rubble removed, the knight fulfilling his wish and using just a little ingenuity for it.”

This tale was created by Robinson Crusoe writer Daniel Defoe, and it tells a story where we can see the value of intelligence and cunning, as well as the fact that being greedy can lead us to be manipulated and used without we don’t even realize it.

Visit Meghalaya: The Land Of Floating Clouds!

The state is one of those 3winthai tourist destinations that can be easily visited all year round. While 70 percent of the state still remains unexplored as it is covered with dense forests, there are some breathtakingly beautiful and natural sites as well that attract tourists from all around the world. We mention the Top 5 Places to visit in Meghalaya.

Be prepared to have a visual treat and be mentally relaxed.


  • Living Root Bridges or the second tier bridge


One of the major tourist attractions in Nongriat near Cherrapunji, Living Root Bridges is actually a naturally formed structure. The structure stands strongly ever since it was incepted and is visited by tourists from around the world. These are also popularly called the ‘living root bridges’ and are a great alternative to any wooden bridge that often rot over time, especially during monsoons. But a walk on this double-decker bridge does not come easily since one has to walk at least 2000 slippery, moss-covered steps to have a view of the bridge.


  • Mawsmai Cave


If you are one of those travelers who do not mind having an adventure-filled experience, Mawsmai Cave is a must-visit for you. The cave is located in Cherrapunji and is popular for the eerie experience that it gives to the travelers. Enjoy the narrow paths, entwined with each other with Stalagmite formations all around. 


  • Garo Hills


From naturally formed structures to experiencing the eeriness of the caves to enjoying the calmness of the pristine Garo hills, Meghalaya has everything to offer to its visitors. If you are a nature lover and always looking for picturesque landscapes, majestic views, and calmness of nature, Garo hills are the place to be. 


  • Laitlum Canyon


A trekker’s paradise, Laitlum Canyon has often been referred to as the best trekking destination in the whole of North East. For the love of adventure, the trek might seem a little difficult at first but if you have the right tools and right guidelines from the localities, you are sure to have a lot of fun. Reaching the top can take anywhere between four to five hours but it is definitely worth all your efforts. The Panoramic view of the state of Meghalaya from the top of the hill is what makes it worth it.


  • Don Bosco Museum


Another popular tourist destination in Meghalaya is the Don Bosco Museum that is located around 3 km north of Shillong. A visit to the museum will educate you about the rich culture and lifestyle of the people of the northeastern states of India. 

Enrich your own journey in the state by getting the best of your experience in the state of Meghalaya! You can also book exciting Meghalaya travel options by contacting the nearest travel agency. You can explore a wide range of travelling packages that tends to cover all necessary places. Therefore, it’s time to finally go backpacking and visit the beauty of North-east India!

How to improve your memory in 10 minutes

One of the best ways to avoid memory problems is to have a healthy lifestyle victory 996. This prevents cognitive decline and strengthens the brain, even favors neurogenesis, the process that generates new neurons.

Let’s also see what practices anyone can apply to improve their memory:

Practice physical exercise

It is recommended to do some type of physical exercise. Physical activity helps improve our minds by stimulating the multiplication of nerve cells and reinforcing their interconnections.

Research from the University of California (USA) also showed that practicing moderate physical exercise favors the memorization of what has been learned in advance.

This study confirmed that physical exercise releases norepinephrine, which acts as a neurotransmitter, and notably manages to develop memory.

Sleep well

Sleeping the necessary hours is vitally important to have a 100% mind. Lack of sleep is one of the worst enemies of the cognitive functions of our brain.

A study conducted over several decades showed that restful sleep each night, sleeping the necessary hours, has a direct effect on learning and long-term memory.

In the same way, but in reverse, insomnia problems greatly hinder cognitive processes, creating learning problems, hindering concentration and causing memory failure.

Take a nap

Related to the previous point, “sticking a nap” of about 20 minutes helps our brain to remember more efficiently what has been learned. The nap benefits the consolidation of what has been learned in the most comfortable and passive way.

Get proper nutrition

Caring for food is very important. Including certain foods will help our brain function better and even stimulate the creation of brain cells.

Some foods, such as nuts, bluefish, or green vegetables, contain components and substances that benefit memory and prevent brain deterioration.

On the other hand, various investigations confirm that the ketogenic diet, low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and fats, notably favors memory capacity and mental concentration.


Laughter is the best natural medicine for our brain. It releases stress, which is one of the main causes of memory problems.

Furthermore, the information that we find funny is much better consolidated in the file of our mind, and also remains for much longer. Laughter stimulates our brain, preserving information in a more effective way.

Maintain an active social life

Maintaining an active social life is highly recommended. Relating to other people requires mental work from our heads, in addition to using language.

A team of researchers published a study in the Journal of Aging Research that confirmed that those who maintained a more active social life had better results in memory tests.

Practice meditation

The meditation exercise is an effective method to improve concentration, reading comprehension, and procedural memory.

According to a study by the University of California (USA), it was shown that the practice of the Mindfulness relaxation technique also favors our memory.

Avoid multitasking

Doing multiple activities at once is not a good idea. There is research that shows that we need 8 seconds to consolidate information in our brains. If the attention is divided into several tasks, fixing the information in our memory will be very ineffective.

It is much more advisable to focus all attention on a single activity, since this way, the mental process will be much clearer.

Drink coffee

Caffeine, in addition to activating us, also favors our memory capacity. Research carried out by Johns Hopkins University (USA) confirmed that consuming coffee after facing an important task helps to reinforce the processes involved in memory, reducing the effects of forgetting the day after.

Eat chocolate

Several studies that have been published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology affirm that flavonols, one of the elements of cocoa, favor a more effective cognitive capacity.

This component of cocoa benefits neurogenesis stimulates cerebral perfusion and favors certain alterations in the areas connected with memory and learning.

Factors To Make Sure Before Buying Best Doll Stroller


Factors To Make Sure Before Buying Best Doll Stroller

When you are out to buy the doll stroller in baby journey blog, you need to be confident that you are buying the best item for your darling son or daughter and to gain confidence you need to be careful about few factors and features. When you see the strollers, the best ones will undoubtedly impress you so much so that you will be compelled to choose one in an instant. There will be tons of choices. But then again all the doll strollers you appreciate are the right ones. You need to pick the best one and for that you need to know the pros and cons of the item. Doll strollers are nothing but the miniature version of the baby stroller. 

Some considerations

  • You need to consider the color and for that you need to work along with your daughter who will ultimately be using the stroller. She would be taking the stroller out and moving around with her fiends so her decision is actually of optimum importance. Whether she wants to push around one or more than one dolls should be asked. 
  • Always go for those strollers which are space effective as you have to accommodate the same in the playroom, she may choose a huge one but if her play room is not big enough then you have to convince her for a smaller but effective one. 
  • Going through the reviews and forums however will help you get the best doll stroller. But your baby’s safety and ease should be your prime concern above anything else. 

Checking out the Features of Best Doll Stroller

Looking for the finest of all doll strollers but getting nothing suitable, well you can go online and check few items there. E-stores have become so famous that number of customers is seen to be purchasing items online instead of virtual stores. There you will come across varying strollers which will be catching your attention and triggering interest to buy one online https://www.babyjourney.net/

  • Right before purchasing the stroller you need to check all the factors and features, the mechanism, the color and style. But when you are checking all these feature, be rest assured the stroller is safe, comfortable and easy to move. If your child or children are above 2 years you can easily offer the stroller. You can purchase the plastic strollers, the plastic ones are easy to clean and your child is less likely to receive any injury. 
  • You better invest for those strollers which can be played with for at least 3 to 4 years. Usually best doll stroller is hardy and sturdy, but you should ask your child whether she or he would be comfortable enough in moving the thing around easily.
  • There should be some extra space where the child can keep all her and his playthings and accessories, such as basket or carriage bag. But the basket and bag should never be getting into the way or hindering the child from moving around. 
  • It’s better to ask about the warranty, when you are buying online. Don’t forget to ask the vendor about the warranty, as it is as important to enquire about it, if any mechanism defects come up, make sure you can change it. 

Now that all the basic features about the doll stroller are clear, it is important to let your little one feel comfortable and enjoy the whole process!

The Hidden Deer

“There was once a Cheng woodcutter who found a deer in a field, which he killed and later buried with leaves and branches to prevent others from discovering the piece. But before long, the woodcutter forgot the place where he had hidden the animal and came to believe that the whole thing had actually been a dream.

Soon after, he would begin to tell his supposed dream, to which one of those who heard him reacted, trying to find the deer. After finding him, he took him home and told his wife about the situation, who indicated that perhaps it was he who had dreamed the conversation with the woodcutter, despite the fact that having found the animal the dream would be real. To this, her husband replied that regardless of whether the dream was hers or the lumberjack’s, there was no need to know.

But that same night, the woodcutter who hunted the animal dreamed (this time for real) of the place where he had hidden the body and the person who had found it. In the morning, he went to the house of the discoverer of the animal’s body, after which both men discussed who the piece belonged to. This discussion would be attempted to settle with the help of a judge, who replied that on the one hand, the woodcutter had killed a deer in what he believed to be a dream and later considered that his second dream was a truth, while the other found said deer Although his wife considered that it was he who dreamed of having found it based on the history of the first.

The bottom line was that no one had actually killed the animal, and it was dictated that the case be resolved by dividing the animal between the two men. Later, this story would reach the King of Cheng, who would end up wondering if it really was not the judge who had dreamed of distributing the deer.”

The story of “The hidden deer” is a Chinese folk tale that tells a story based on the differentiation between dream and reality and how difficult it can sometimes be to realize. It is one of the short stories for adults that tell us about the possibility that we can live on various planes of existence.