Submission Guidelines

The goal of is simple. Write a funny short story or monologue in 500 words or less. If accepted, we'll help you get the word out about your story, books, website, social media, or whatever else you're trying to tell the world.

All work must be original, and unpublished. We don't have the time for copyright permissions, so please do not quote copyrighted material (like songs written after 1920). No attacking public figures, groups of people, no fan fiction, or anything that we think would get this website in too much trouble. Edgy work is great, within reason.

Why submit? Because it's fun! And it's an easy way to get some publicity for whatever you're working on. Every article that's approved gets mentioned on our social media and email list (which is growing!).

What's the process?  Attach your submission. Once you submit, you will be notified of acceptance or denial. We typically reply within two weeks, but no more than three.

You may submit up to three stories, but only one will be published (We reserve the right to publish more than one, but obviously, we'll let you know before we do).

Compensation? One day, we hope. But for now, we will not be paying for stories at this time. However, we will gladly provide a link to your blog, website, or book (please provide below).

What will we do with the article? We plan on publishing to the website. We'll showcase via email and social media. Our favorite fiction will be used in our yearly book, posted to Amazon. We plan to post your story as is. If there is a minor spelling error or something, we reserve the right to change it.

What are we looking for? 

Flash fiction: We're looking for a story (beginning-middle-end). What makes more sense for this website is to begin with a humorous plot, and run with it for a few hundred words. Although we love plot driven humor, literary-style of writing is great if it provides the laughs. For our sake, remember it's at most 500 words (give or take). Because we only publish twice a week, we frown upon stories less than 250 words. Our readers are hungry, so let's feed them!

Here's a quick example. There's a short story called "Just Outside The Closet" within this book. The plot is basically that Prince Charming has a foot fetish, and this complicates his relationship with Cinderella. Funny, right? We think so. Humorous things happen along the way, but the story has a beginning-middle-end as well. Please don't think about these stories as a series of quick-jokes or one-liners. We hope this helps!

Monologue: We are now accepting humorous monologues. These are not beginning-middle-end stories. Rather, pick a topic, and give us some funny observations. Ideally, these should be under 300 words, over 150 words, and should be humorous throughout. Once accepted, we'll post to the website, and we'll make a fun, short video out of them. Click here for an example.

Author Rights?

We ask for the following rights:
  • First electronic rights, including HTML, PDF, plain text, audio, and video formats. 
  • Distribution will be through this Web site and a variety of other electronic means, including Amazon for our yearly "best of" book.
  • Non-exclusive, one-time right to publish the stories in our yearly "best of" ebook. 
  • Subsidiary rights. We may or may not make videos or a podcast using these stories.
  • After publication, your story will remain in our searchable archives unless you ask us to remove it. 

Please provide: Pen Name, Author Bio with links to your stuff, Title and the Story (of course).

If you have any issues, make sure to email me at!

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