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Car Name

It has been almost a year since Dave has driven a car, but it’s because he is a car. This may not make sense now but it will. There’s a town where there is a car named Dave that drives cars. He’s a mascot that doesn’t make enough money to own a car any longer. Because he has to pay for gas and all this other stuff like repairs. The money Dave no longer has, went to him purchasing a highly expensive mascot outfit that looks like a car. This mascot outfit was over the top, but Dave should’ve done his research. The sad part about this is, nobody ever caught on. The team he was supposed to mascot for doesn’t exist because Dave just happened to be the victim of a scam.

Dave was told that all he had to do was show up for auditions to a sports team that has automobiles as its theme, and the person with the best original mascot outfit would be the team’s new and first mascot. Things aren’t looking too good for Dave. Until much later, when he discovers that the person who had put his custom-made mascot outfit together is a big designer from somewhere across the globe. So Dave takes his mascot outfit to auction and makes a really big fortune off of the piece. But instead of taking his earnings to go get his car back, he decides after all of this that he would rather just walk.

He thinks walking would be great until he gets hit by a car that looks like his mascot outfit and dies. He dies at the thought of that happening, but, actually, he is fine.

“Dave, wait up”, says Jan.

Jan is short for Janice and she is the creator of the mascot outfit Dave had sold.

“Hey Jan, I sold that outfit you made for me, and it brought me so much money.”

Jan takes a long look at Dave, “Yea, I see you look a lot better and I hear you bought a house.”

“Yea, I looked at that well-designed mascot outfit and since I spent so much for it and I did some research and saw that you’re a pretty big designer across the globe and I sold it for a lot.”

Jan pulls out some paper work.

“Yea Dave, I told you that when you signed these papers at my shop this means that the outfit I made for you is not for auction. The mascot outfit was for rent and not for purchase, I’m taking you to court."

This story was written by Malcolm Williams. Malcolm is currently studying journalism at St. Joseph's college on Long Island. He previously attended Stony Brook University where he was enrolled in their Journalism and English programs. He has also obtained his Associates degree in Communications for the year 2014 from Suffolk County Community College.


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  1. Dave is quite handsome I must say..if it was a boy in real every girl would have liked to marry him. lolz. Apart from joke,this car is really so nice.