Funny stories in under 500 words.

Office Coup D'état

At the end of the row of cubicles was Phil’s desk. His smug face had the reflection of ESPN windows beaming on his glasses.

“Have fun watching at home,” William whispered to himself. He took a deep breath hoping his fake email account would do the job. He tapped his enter button.

“William,” Phil called. “It’s time for our meeting.”

“Sure, boss,” William said.

William recalled his meeting only yesterday with Phil. It was the end of the day when Phil called him over to his desk. William wasn’t paying attention. Phil was going over something about teamwork, responsibility, and some garbled analogy of a scorpion and a hawk. When William saw the five o’clock on Phil’s computer he just stood up and went home. There was a note on William’s keyboard that morning to see Phil again today.

Tolerating Phil’s tyranny and hypocrisy was about to end. By a fluke accident, someone tagged him in a Facebook photo that Phil probably didn’t want everyone to see. For weeks he had battled himself on what he should do. Sleep was hard to find as he would go back and forth over the damage it would do to Phil.

William sat down inside Phil’s fishbowl cubicle. The entire desk was covered in loose papers. The one paper that William was looking for was right on top of the keyboard. It was a disciplinary write up.

“William about last night,” Phil began.

“You're right Phil, I was completely out of line,” William replied.

“I’m just concerned about your attitude here at work. You seem distracted.”

Someone out on the floor began to laugh. William looked out the window. Someone else began to laugh.

“See,” Phil snapped, “Earth to William!”

More people began laughing.

“Sorry Phil.” William smiled. “It’s just that, well pal, you’re such a tool.”

“Excuse me?”

William quickly covered his mouth and pointed to Phil’s computer. “Oh my gosh, what’s that?”

Phil spun in his chair. In his email he could see a picture of himself. His eyes were half closed. He was holding a red cup. His face was turned puckering his lips while his arms were grabbing at a woman next to him. She seemed to be pushing him away. The girl that was pushing him away was the summer intern.

Phil’s face was red. He hammered his keyboard trying to delete the photo. A knock on the glass startled both William and Phil. A woman in a pant suit stood outside of Phil’s cubicle.

“Come with me,” she demanded.

He obeyed with slouched shoulders and dragging feet.

“You,” She said to William. “Bill? Will?”

“Will, ma’am.”

“Right, you are in charge now. Fill a box with Phil’s things.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

William looked over his new cubicle. He felt like he could really breathe again. He looked through the glass and everyone was smiling at him.

“Let’s get back to work everyone.”

Tyson is a struggling writer that wants to write a book a mountain man would enjoy. Instead, the only thing he can seem to produce are his Romantic Comedies that are in the works. You can see his attempts at writing at


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