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The Other Side

 "Ya ever wonder what's out there?" Seth was staring into the only light in the small room filtering in thru dirty glass. Their Mom told them it's called moonlight.

"You know Mom told us what's out there. Nothing!" Michael hated Seth's constant daydreaming. There was work to do, and if Seth's head is up in the clouds that meant he wasn't working.

"Alright boys, time for bed," Mom said.

"Mom, if nothing is beyond, how is it we always find food? And what happened to Dad when he left, where did he go..and..." Seth pleaded.

"That's enough Seth, I told you a million times."

"Tell us again, while we fall asleep. Please," Seth yawned.

"OK, if you promise to go to sleep."

"The elders say, a long time ago there was more than this place, places so big you couldn't find the end or beginning. And the food, Oh the food, as much as you wanted! But there were these strange monsters. They were huge! They had big eyes, big teeth and the sounds they made, it was horrible. Well, these monsters did not want to share the lands with us. They had these horrible creatures that were used to hunt us. They were fast, and had big fangs. They killed so many."

Moms voice starts drifting away.

"Mom! Then what happened?"

"Anyway... Seth...the Elders decided it was not safe anymore. They found this place. And this is our home. There's a rumor that those monsters felt so bad for hunting us that they leave gifts of food for us."

By this time Seth was wide awake,"Has anybody ever tried to communicate with them, maybe if we just told them....and..."

"Seth, shhh, you'll wake your brother...Let me finish. As I was saying, they left bits of food for us, not a lot, but enough. Your dad had the same silly ideas in his head that you do. He just knew if he communicated with them, they would let us leave this place and live with them."

"But daddy never came back did he?"

"No, he never came back. So let this be a lesson Seth. This is all there is. Now go to sleep!" Mom leans over and gives Seth and Michael a peck on their heads.


"Michael... Michael, you awake?"

"Well I am now! Go back to sleep!" Michael grumbles.

"I'm going," Seth whispers.

"What? Where are you going?"

Seth leans in close to Michael, "I'm going to find Dad and communicate with the monsters!"

"Seth, don't be crazy. Dad 's gone, let it go. Now go back to bed!"

Seth quietly makes his way to the hidden entrance to the "other side." Mom doesn't think he knows about it. It's dark but his eyes are so accustomed to limited light he has no problem finding his way.

There is stuff piled in front of the last tunnel and it takes some time to dig his way through.

When he finally steps through the other side his breath catches in his throat. He has never seen a place so large!

Out of nowhere a huge monster, like the kind his mom told him about, walks into his view.

"This is it, I have to communicate with it, maybe ask it where Dad is!" Seth trembles with fear.

"Um..Excuse me," Seth stutters.

The monster doesn't respond. Perhaps it didn't hear him?

"Excuse me!" he yelled.

The monster must have heard him this time, because it screamed something he couldn't understand and ran away.

"What was that? They don't seem so bad, they look like they're scared of me. Ha, wait till Mom and Michael hear about this!

As Seth scurried back to his family his tail raised high, the monster continued screaming in its foreign language.

"Carl! Carl, get the cat! Another damn mouse is in here!"

This story was written by Misery Buchanan, a wife and a mother.


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