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Sundays at Nakano

I spent two weeks of my life in Nakano. I stood there tall with people who I would like to believe are my friends. I am a loner in a foxhole. I spent two weeks drifting and trying to find myself.

I went out wandering. Things I heard and saw were: a girl’s bar with a sign that read “good men drool," I overheard a man yell out “stupid rich girl” in Japanese, I saw this 7 foot man named Perkins eat ramen in less than 2 minutes, I saw cotton panties and a man high five it, random things, great stuff only in Tokyo, Japan.

Yes, I was there for 14 days and it change my perspective on life. I had French coffee with a Danish woman, I yelled at a German woman “well don’t be coming back for seconds”, I whispered sweet nothings to a Japanese woman I wish I could remember because I was drunk but really it was nothing she told me to fuck off and tried to shove a slice of pizza down my throat.

I got lost inside a supermarket could you believe that. I drank on the streets and made a random toast to a stranger with his coffee. I rolled some sushi, put some wasabi and drank a bucket of green tea. I told myself I wouldn’t fall in love with a Japanese woman while here but I did 3 times. I saw some band covered in blood. I saw naked women doing the locomotion. I saw a horror film but it was really porn. I got drunk with two dudes from different countries one was from Russia and the other Hong Kong. I saw a Chinese lady shave her legs in front of me and it was the least erotic experience in my life.

I wish life could spit things like this in my face again sometime soon. I left my dignity and spiritual healing down there in Nakano.

This story was written by Jake O'Toole. Jake likes to go to parks, take long walks and do some weight training at the gym. He also likes to write and read occasionally.

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