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Peaches. Peaches. Peaches. Everything was peaches.

It was the annual Peach Festival in Sandusky, Ohio. Everybody was going around saying things like, "I'm just peachy!" and "Life is a peach."

Helen was competing in the baton twirling contest to be the Peach Festival Queen. So far she was doing great. The crowd loved her and cheered enthusiastically.

It was time for her last spectacular baton throw. Up up it went, higher than she had ever thrown it before. But when it came down, it hit the tip of her thumb and fell to the ground. Her routine was ruined.

She went down on her knees and sobbed. "I am such a loser."

She was right.

Later that week, she quit high school, got on a bus, and ran away forever.

She is now 52 and is a waitress at a truck stop in a small desert town in northern California. She lives in a trailer and is as fat as a cow. She has no friends and no teeth.

She has a nickname. People call her Peaches.

This story was written by John Rachel, who writes brain food for hungry minds. Check him out here:

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