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Better Out Than In

Funny Short Story: Better out than in

“Welcome to the Olympus Hotel.” The bellhop said setting her bags down near the closet.

“Thank you,” Claire tipped him on his way out, letting out a sigh of relief once she was alone. Thanks to a delayed flight, It had been a long day and she was exhausted.

She took a quick look at the room service menu and ordered dinner. While she waited, she changed into her pajamas. It was still a bit early but she didn’t care. She sat on the couch and absentmindedly flipped through the program for the conference. A familiar name caught her eye, Ethan Stafford.

She had met Ethan three months ago at a conference in Chicago. It had been surprising how well they had hit it off. He was good looking, smart, and they shared the same sarcastic sense of humor. They worked together for two days and then had a fun night of sightseeing. She had hoped to see him again after the conference, but he’d been called away early.

The arrival of room service interrupted her thoughts. She opened the door and the server handed her a tray and left. Alone again she caught her reflection in the mirror and shuddered. She had taken her hair out of its normal bun and her curly hair was sticking out everywhere. The wild woman of Borneo in her natural habitat.

“Awesome. Scaring off more men. At least I’m consistent,” she said, starting to uncover the dishes. “What? This is not what I ordered.”

She rushed to the door, “Wait!” There was no sign of the server. She sighed in frustration, the sound of a door opening farther down the hall reminded her that she was in the hallway in her pajamas and robe. She turned back and froze. The door was closed.

“No, no, no!” Claire knew she was locked out but she frantically tried to turn the handle anyway. “This is not happening!” The elevator dinged and she turned in a circle looking for some sort of escape.


She closed her eyes and mentally cursed her luck before turning around, “Oh, wow. Ethan, so great to see you.”

She had almost forgotten his dazzling smile and amazing blue eyes. Almost.

“This is great,” then he frowned, noticing her robe and slippers. “Are you ok?”

“Yes. No.” She gestured helplessly towards her door. “I got locked out.”

“Oh no!” Then he laughed, “This is great though.”

“Yeah, flippin’ fantastic.” She fought the urge to reach up and smooth her riotous hair.

“I’m serious. I had already planned to track you down at the conference.”

She looked up. “Oh?”

“This is better. You can use the phone in my room to call the front desk.”

“Uhm, ok,” Knowing she had no choice, Claire followed him down the hall.

Ethan scanned his key card and held the door open for her.

“We can pick up where we left off in Chicago. Have you eaten?”

“No,” she laughed. He was right. This was better.

Kimberly Relph Czerwonka is a freelance writer from Arizona, where she lives with her husband, teenage daughter and a menagerie of small animals. Her current work in progress is The Sunset Canyon Post, where she rambles about being a writer. In her free time (ha ha), she channels her creative energy into many projects that quite possibly will never be finished. Catch up on her progress here.

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