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You had better write that down

funny short story: you had better write that down

As we get on in age, certain things tend to be forgotten.

This happened to the Whites who had been together for 35 years today. As they began to forget little things around the house, safety became their primary concern.

“Safety first,” Mrs. White would always say. Well, she vaguely remembers saying that.

Either way, the White’s worried they might do something dangerous like burn down the house by forgetting to turn off the stove, or forget walking Bob the Beagle, get taken advantage of, and live in a prison of dog walks.

The Whites schedule an appointment with their physician, who eventually confirms that forgetfulness is to be expected at their age and offers the following suggestion, “Make sure that you write little notes for yourself as a reminder, this will help you remember the important things.” Mr. and Mrs. White agree this was a great idea, leaving the doctor’s office in high spirits.

Arriving home, the wife craved something sweet, and asked Mr. White for a bowl of ice cream. The old woman, with the physician’s advice fresh on her mind, asks her husband of 35 years, “Dear, would you write it down so you do not forget?”

Mr. White had never been so insulted, he thinks, and quickly replies “Nonsense – I can remember to make a damn bowl of ice cream when I go into the kitchen!”

Watching her husband walk into the kitchen, Mrs. White decides to indulge. “Sweetheart, I’d also like some chocolate fudge on my ice cream, you had better write it down, otherwise you will probably forget…”

Mr. White chuckled, though mildly annoyed at this point. “Do not be silly,” he replied to her. “A bowl of ice cream with some chocolate fudge… I can remember that.”

Mrs. White had her own thoughts on the matter. “OK sweetheart, but I also really want some whipped cream to top it off. Honestly, three things? You had better write them down so you do not forget.”

Slamming the freezer door, Mr. White yelled ”My memory is not as bad as you make it out to be…ice cream, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, it is not that hard to remember.”

The husband closes the door to the kitchen behind him, hoping to deter his wife’s “advice.” Through the door, Mrs. White hears the clanking of pots and pans, the splash of the sink, and even the microwave turn on for a moment. Fifteen minutes later, the husband comes back from the kitchen.

Mr. White walks out of the kitchen, and proudly offers his wife a plate of eggs and bacon.

Mrs. White, rolling her eyes and shaking her head, asks, “Hey…where is my toast?”

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