Funny stories in under 500 words.

Awry in the Heartland

funny short story: Awry in the heartland

Each one picked up her order from the counter and gathered at the large corner table.  They were a group of old friends who met regularly on Tuesdays for lunch.  The group had supported each other through marriages, children, infidelity, financial difficulties, and deaths.  They knew each other well. Well enough to know that if you didn’t show up for lunch, then you were the main topic of conversation.

Doris came directly to the table, without ordering lunch.  She was almost in tears.

“What’s wrong Doris?” asked Cecelia

“My neighbor came out of his house this morning and yelled at me,”  her voice cracking.

“Why would your neighbor yell at you?” inquired Josephine

“When I backed out of my driveway - I hit his car,” sobbed Doris

“You hit his car.  Of course he’s going to yell at you,” snapped Cecelia

“Why are you surprise?” asked Josephine

“I’ve done it twice before and he never said a thing.”

Written by K.A. Henson.