Why your writing must be remarkable

When you watched the season finale of your favorite show, how many commercials did you

Not many.

On your ride to work, were any billboards noteworthy enough to generate discussion at the

Probably not.

This may seem an obvious, belabored point, but marketing authority Seth Godin gives it new life in a Ted Talk on “How to get your ideas to spread." He proposes that ideas that spread, win and the thing that’s gonna decide what gets talked about, what gets done, what gets changed, what gets purchased, what gets built, is “Is it remarkable?”

According to Seth Godin, the conventional method of communicating an effective marketing message has changed. The old model encouraged the quantity of ad placements, because profits were directly related to the idea of just getting your brand in front of people.

However, because every brand decided to stand in front of us all at once, the average person doesn’t know who to look at and can barely see any of them anyway. Nobody’s patience is athletic enough to catch all these marketing messages; however, we are flexible enough through constant conditioning to dodge most of what is being advertised.

That means our messages must be worth carrying and sharing. Or as as Seth Godin argues, “Remarkable, not just neat, but worth making a remark about.”

Good writers can do this in two steps:
  1. Make your message different.
  2. Give this story to someone who will care.

Seth continues that no matter what we do for a living, we are in the fashion business because we are constantly working to be different. He says, “It’s never about interrupting people with big, full page ads, or insisting on meetings with people, it’s a totally different process.” For writers, this means our message must be creative, appealing, and bold.

And once you've created such distinct work, you must tailor your writing to people who will actually care. The teachings of mass marketing insist that we should be pushing average products to the average person. But the average person will not talk about your book like a car junkie will brag about your latest model, a music lover about your new album, or a foodie about your newest recipe.

Most people don’t care about your book. Write to those who really care because they are the most passionate and will spread the word for you. If you can do these two things, your work will get talked about.
(comics, stories, and videos)

(comics, stories, and videos)