What the broken windows theory suggests about writing

The broken window theory suggests that the upkeep of an environment will directly reflect in better behavior from its inhabitants.

The more broken windows, the more likely people will vandalize, and an increase in vandalism will lead to more serious crimes. For marketers, what does this mean? Symbols matter. Symbols hold ideas and create an atmosphere that effect action. Symbols create your brand, which flows into all of your messaging.

Why it matters?

As the saying goes, people hate to be sold but they love to buy. People buy based upon trust. Your buying environment must have the trust-building symbols that suggest your brand's authority and integrity for the product you sell. A broken window is anything, no matter how minor, that takes away from your authority or integrity.

Examples of broken windows in your writing:

Lack of editing - Spelling and grammatical errors will throw off your credibility. In a crowded marketplace, buyers vigilantly look for reasons not to trust a source, and a misspelled word will be the first thing they notice.

Confused messaging - Convergence of an idea will strengthen your cause, divergence will kill it every time. Make sure you know what you are trying to say, and say it well.

Unbelievable stories- Create stories that people want to believe, not stories they can't believe. A story too incredible will come off as salesly and insincere.

Trying to be everything to everyone - Consistency creates authority. Know your brand's identity, and stick with it! Constantly changing your message will contradict the hard work you've already done to reinforce your brand.

Too much or unattractive content: On a daily basis, consumers have too many choices to make, and too little time to make them. Most will choose to ignore your writing than to struggle through it.

You work very hard to get your ideas to spread, so don't sabotage yourself with broken windows.
(comics, stories, and videos)