The importance of writing clearly with Rob Burns

"You cannot offer real value until your customers understand the real value you offer." - Rob Burns

Within Rob Burn’s very short Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words, he makes a very good point about value. The value of your writing must be understood by your audience. At all points from converting evangelists from strangers, you must clearly communicate how your book's value outweighs the time and cost to read and purchase.

That includes everything. An intuitive sales process, an engaging website, cool book cover and layout – your audience must clearly understand your book. No matter how great your writing, your reader will only know what they can understand. Here are some quick tips to writing clearly: 
  • Use an outline and make sure all of your ideas run smoothly.
  • Repeat what you've said. Your theme should be clear throughout the the beginning, middle and end.
  • Don’t show off! Keep your writing simple.
  • Use short sentences, fewer adjective and adverbs.
  • How long should your writing be? Just as long as it takes to fully explore your theme, which means knowing when to stop writing.
(comics, stories, and videos)

(comics, stories, and videos)