Self-publishing your fiction writing: Does quantity beat quality?

In a recent Huffington Post articleLev Raphael discusses a recent phenomenon in the writing world.

"I read cries for help from writers begging someone, anyone, to offer ways they can write more than 500 words a day, as if 500 words a day isn't enough. And then I read jaunty, triumphant posts on Facebook and elsewhere from writers bragging about writing several thousand words a day."

This, of course, comes from someone who has written 24 books (not bad), but the statement begs the question. Should writers focus more on quantity or quality?

I personally have been playing with a novella for a few months, and it won't be much more than 30,000 words (fingers crossed for February). Mostly, life keeps getting in the way, but I am taking my time to create something of real value. Yet as I sit and toil with my little novella, I watch other writers throw mutliple novels (ones with 300+ pages even) at Amazon every year, and it makes a nube writer wonder....

Perhaps I am going about this business all wrong?

Writers do need to get their work out there. All writers have sucked at one point, and nothing exposes one's suckiness more than publishing. Additionally, longer books and book series enjoy better sales according to this survey.

However, I personally refuse to believe (to a fault, probably), that a portolio of quality work will be outpaced by a pile of suck, or even mediocrity.

As a reader, I appreciate only the best. Even at the expense of sales, I think that's the right relationship to have with your writing.

In the end, I try not to focus too much on the quantity vs. quality debate, and pay more attention to why I am writing in the first place.
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(comics, stories, and videos)