“Pizza freaks unite” ad for Totinos doesn’t suck

As a marketing professional, I love to see an effective, creative promotion. “Pizza freaks unite,” created by comedy duo Tim and Eric, is a perfect of example of nailing a core audience and getting huge results by being different.

If you aren’t familiar with Tim and Eric’s work from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Bedtime Stories, or even Adult Swim in general, this ad for Totino’s Pizza Rolls might seem more like an acid trip than a promotion. Regardless, between the confusion and laughter, the ad shows Totino’s is a fun brand that gets alternative comedy and their target audience.

It’s disruptive, disturbing, and has nothing to do with the pizza rolls themselves. Perhaps not enough to put some rolls in your mouth, but with more than 800,000 views, it’s enough to grab a young demographics’ attention. Next time you sit to write something, think about how you can best nail your core audience.

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(comics, stories, and videos)