A love story

funny short story: a love story

I must break up with him.

Our relationship has ventured beyond intolerable into a pit of moral despair.

And just look at him. That all-consuming face. I’ve seen a shark tear into flesh with more manners. Even as that oil drips from his trout lips, he ravishes. I don’t know why I stayed with such a disgusting thing for so long.

Please Lord, forgive me for giving him my everything. My legacy, my labors, my friends and family, everything on the earth I had to give. Even as he corrupted them, I gave. And for what. A dream? I had become addicted to them like a crack whore. As if the constant disappointment gave me a reason to see the dawn’s early light. Oh, but what a dream. I remember when this man, this idea, was first whispered to me. Recently heartbroken from another who was old in every sense but age. A controlling man defined by his father, who was also defined by his father, in a worldview that couldn’t see beyond the accomplishments of an endless series of fathers.

Darling, that’s sounds awful. I have just the man just for you. He will set you free. No government could bind your prosperity; no laws could restrict your happiness.

Oh how foolish I was when my friend introduced me to, this, animal, cutting through his steak until the plate screeches.

He hits me.

He travels the world for fortune, and gets too drunk to have any memory of who he is, and who we were, and that I made him. And yet, I take it.  He wakes up to think nothing of it, and flies away to conduct more business. When did I, rebellious from birth, become the weak afterthought of a brute?

Tonight is the night; I must break up with him. For the love of everything good in this world, I must detach myself from this selfish, greedy, unremorseful, racist, cancer.

“Dear, before you eat another bite, I have something to tell you,” she said.

“Allow me to first show you something,” Capitalism said. After a swallow, he bent on one knee, and lifted a diamond ring that could be sold to buy a country.

“Yes! A thousand times yes!” she said, without flinching.

This story was written by David Gregory, creator of this website. Comment with your thoughts below!
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