Can’t find the time to finish that novel? Try a writing vacation

Writing a novel takes time. Why not try to get ahead with a writing vacation?

If you could successfully write 1,000 words per day, every day, it will take you about a month and a half to write a novel. Not only is this an ambitious schedule for someone with a full time job and/or blog schedule, this text will be the first of probably three or four drafts. That’s pretty discouraging. But an easy way to jump ahead with your manuscript is to take a writing vacation.

Just imagine how much writing you could get done with a week to yourself. No job. No friends. Nothing standing between you and your laptop. Using simple, English-degree math, if you write for five days, eight hours per day, at just 250 words per hour, your manuscript would jump 10,000 words ahead. With 10,000 extra words, you’d be A LOT closer to finishing the darn thing, right? Not only is this a pretty conservative writing schedule (so it’s not all garbage), this schedule leaves you enough time to do other vacation stuff. Tight on money? Try a staycation (the only true vacation).

Here’s some good stuff on the interwebs about writing vacations:

(comics, stories, and videos)

(comics, stories, and videos)