A commercial worth 2 minutes and 1 point for writers

In 2 minutes...

Over 108 million people watched Super Bowl XLVII and over 15 million people have played this video on YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth 2 minutes.

The commercial takes us by the hand and walks us through rustic fields of rural America. The rowdy noises of football fans were hushed by the iconic voice of Paul Harvey. Our bowls of buffalo wings, dips and Doritos joined the camaraderie of wholesome family meals down on the farm. For two minutes, we were guests into their homes, and we all were farmers.

In those same two minutes, Ram became the only auto brand that year to create a top ten Super Bowl Ad, ranking 6th in memorability and 9th in likability.

And the point...

The commercial has nothing to do with the product, and everything to do with the prospect. We are our favorite subjects, and everyone relates to the universal feelings of pride and family no matter the occupation. Good writing connects you to your audience by becoming a part of who they are and who they want to be. Want to get your message heard?  Similar to your everyday interaction, be likable first. Nobody will listen to you until they they like you.
(comics, stories, and videos)

(comics, stories, and videos)