4 reasons writing a blog is worth anyone's time

Most professionals hate the idea of writing a blog without the promise of monetary compensation.

Our careers keep us busy enough without the added responsibility of researching, editing and posting quality article
s. Not to mention, 70% of bloggers make less than $500 per year on their efforts anyway.

Do you stop? No, just forget about the money! If you keep it up, the money may (or may not) come, but there are other rewards that await you in the meantime. Here's four better reasons for professionals to write a blog than money:

1. Enhance your current skills: We all have room for growth, and there is no better development than writing. When writing on a subject, you must not only retain new information, but know how to communicate those concept to others. As you become more creative, you will undoubtedly find innovative ways to implement your new techniques on the job. Also, the constant research will keep you current on the trends within your industry.

2. Showcase your knowledge: You know everything, and you know that you know everything. Building a website full of thought-provoking insights will convince others of your intellectual dominance without sounding arrogant. An online portfolio of your expertise will also answer any questions left unanswered by formal education, professional development and work experience. No matter how long you've been in your field, updating your Linkedin with your own article will differentiate your profile.

3. Build a stronger network:  It's what you know and who you know. If you have the slightest idea of who should be in your network, you ought to promote original content from your blog on social media networks to get noticed by the right people. Find Twitter users who share content related to your field, and share your content with them. With Google+, you can post content to circles relevant to your occupation.

4. Become digitally savvy: Active engagement with your website will inherently make you more digitally savvy than the average person. Over time, you will become proficient with online tools to automate social media, to develop email lists and to analyze your visitors. Conversations about SEO, SEM and SMS will no longer sound like alphabet soup, and you may even find out that this stuff is pretty cool.

If you want to make money blogging, it’s going to take a while (the average is about three years to build a strong audience), so make sure you are writing on a topic that:
  • You will never tire
  • You enjoy learning
  • You don't mind constantly discussing 
  • You can benefit from without guaranteed payment

    WATCH THIS! Here's a great video on why blogging is such a big deal.
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