Damn Chicken Munchers

funny short story: damn chicken munchers

One morning, Chicken was crossing the road. Why? To talk to his buddy Cow.

“Hi Cow,” Chicken clucked, flying just high enough to be eye level and just long enough to block Cow’s view.

“Moo.” said, well, you know.


“I said MOVE! I’m trying to figure out this billboard.”

Chicken wouldn’t have moved, but chickens always get to the other side. Road kill is no joke.

“Well, Cow, what in the whole-wide-farm is so interesting about that billboard.”

“I mean, just look at all those cows,” said Cow. “Do you think they are conspiring against…you know…my kind?”

Cow couldn’t read, and had always been a bit of a fuss.

“Oh, you’re too cute. The Billboard says ‘Eat More Chicken.’ So you have nothing to worry about! And look at all those cows up there. Clearly, humans love gay cows!”

This story was written by David Gregory, creator of this website. Comment with your thoughts below!
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