Good night

funny short story: good night

Oh, what a silly dilemma I’m in. Should I go to sleep, or stay awake to receive his call? I do really want him to call. I expect he will call. Maybe we can just talk tomorrow? I am tired. I’ve had a long day, and a few deep glasses of Merlot. But I know he likes his good nights. Wishing me sweet dreams. Why would I need to dream? Our life was such a fairy tale. But the poor boy says he can’t sleep without hearing my voice. He’s always been such a sweetheart.

Five years. I just don’t believe it. Well, calendars and wrinkles don’t lie. Plus mother was never subtle about my naked index finger. “Oh mother, you shouldn’t rush these things.” I’ve always believed patience and purity to be the greatest of virtues. Happiness always gets in the way of worry. Oh, listen to me yawn. 11 pm. I’m an old woman for my age. Isn't this is quite an annoyance, waiting for this call?  But I should be thankful, I suppose. Everyone gets a chance at true marriage, few ever really get to experience true love. I should probably just go to bed. But who am I kidding? I can’t wait to hear his voice. How I love him.


Ah! Finally! It’s him. I should probably change that ringtone, but it’s him! I just knew he would call.

“Hi sweetie.”

“Don’t sweetie me you f***in’ a**hole. I heard about Nicole, and I have two words for you. Good night!”


This story was written by David Gregory, creator of this website. Comment with your thoughts below!
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