You should really watch where you’re going

funny short story: you should really watch where you're going

Francis was frustrated. He had a decent job with the federal government, but stability was never his
vision. He was supposed to have a life of ambition, of passion. At 28 years old, he knew there was enough time to change his destiny, but not enough time to lollygag about it.

Not today of course; today was Friday.

At 5:30 pm, Francis rushed to the Metro train, hoping to drift far away into the weekend. Dodging the destitute and dilly-dalliers, he glided passed the glass entrance that separated the train station from the elements. All was not ideal, but as expected, until a big man in a drench coat bumped into him.

“Shit,” Francis ejaculated. He watched his new iPhone bounce from his pocket onto the concrete.

“Hey, watch where you are going!” Francis ordered into oblivion.

Picking up his device, Francis looked up quickly to chase the man down, but soon realized that the man was blind. A wrinkled face hidden behind by thick black glasses, guided by a long white walking stick. The feeling of guilt changed Francis’ attitude. Francis stopped, and watched the old man figure out his way, holding a conversation with the air.

“Oh, my God. The poor man, talking to himself,” Francis thought.

Compelled to apology, Francis swam through the crowded Metro station to catch up with the man. The incident had changed the entire direction of his introspection. Francis thanked Fate for his good job, honest pay, and granting him every sense except the common one. He felt ashamed that he could be so callous toward his comforts.

Only just missing the old man walk onto the train, Francis saw that the blind man was not speaking to himself; he was yelling into a cell phone.

Francis, realizing himself the immediate victim, no longer knew how to feel about anything.

This story was written by David Gregory, creator of this website. Comment with your thoughts below!
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