What happens in Vegas

funny short story: what happens in vegas

“Hi mom.”

Sergio was reading through class materials when his mother called. She was calling more often these days, since little Jimmy went off to college. Just mom and pop in the egg-white rambler now. Sergio imagined long, quiet evenings of his parents wasting away in front of the vintage Panasonic television, breaking silence with the occasional fond memory of life in Carroll County, Maryland.

The thought always made Sergio sad, and little guilty.

The two exchanged a familiar back-and-forth. Sergio discussed his frustrations with work and graduate school, and his class in International Marketing. His mother Patricia talked about the picnic at the church.

“Oh wait, did I tell you I was going to the Philippines?”

He couldn’t believe he forgot to tell her. Balancing work and his part-time graduate school classes, life was moving so quickly that some things just slipped through the cracks. In about two months, Sergio would fly off to study corporations in Makati City and Tagaytay City. He loved telling her exciting news, letting her live vicariously through his exhilaration.

“Well, don’t get yourself into trouble with those prostitutes. I was watching something on the television, and, what they do…They trick you. A pretty girl makes you think you’re in for a good time, brings you up to a hotel room, but then a group of gangsters come in and rob you!”

“MOM! That’s gross…”

“I’m serious. Happens all the time in those countries.”

“What makes you think I’m going to want a prostitute? Prostitution is disgusting.”

As his mother went silent, Sergio began to laugh at the conversation.

“Well, you know how I met your father in Las Vegas…”

This story was written by David Gregory, creator of this website. Comment with your thoughts below!
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