Funny stories in under 500 words.

Submission Guidelines

Thanks for interest! The rules for submission are simple, make your story funny in 500 words or less.

All work must be original, and unpublished. I don't have the time for copyright permissions, so please do not quote copyrighted material (like songs written after 1920). No attacking public figures, groups of people, no fan fiction, or anything that I think would get this website in too much trouble. Edgy fiction is great, within reason.

Don't be shy! I am very happy to work with you until your story is worth publishing on the site.

Process - Please signup for our email newsletter below and attach your submission. Once you submit, you will be notified of acceptance or denial. This site is very new, so you can expect approval as long as it's worth a chuckle. You may submit up to 3 stories, but only 1 will be published (I reserve the right to publish more than one).

Compensation - We will not be paying for stories at this time. However, I will gladly provide a link to your blog, website, or book (please provide below).

What will I do with the article? I plan on publishing to the website. We'll showcase via email and social media. My favorite fiction will be put into an e-book for people to download in exchange for signing up for my email newsletter.

Format - I plan to post your story as is. If there is a minor spelling error or something, I reserve the right to change it. For my sake, remember it's at most 500 words (give or take). Please provide: Pen Name, Author bio with links in tagline, Title and the story (of course).

If you have any issues, make sure to email me at!